Rick Zahn As Police Officer

“We threw you a curve ball and you hit it out of the park! Great job!” 

– Antoine Fuqua, Director of Brooklyn’s Finest 

“Intelligent and professional, enjoyed working with him” 

– Dan Attias, Emmy-Nominated and Directors Guild of America Award-Winning Director of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

“I have worked with Rick twice, and on both shows Rick was a professional, a pleasure on the set, and most importantly, he delivered when the cameras were rolling. I am sure I will hire him again.” 

– Michael Rauch, Executive Producer of Royal Pains 

“You were great and funny!” 

– Ken Whittingham, Award-Winning Director of 30 Rock 

“You were terrific! In a part that made significant demands. Good job!” 

– John P. Shanley, Oscar and Tony Awards Winner
After Watching a Performance of the Nylon Theatre Company’s Unmentionables, Directed by Montserrat Mendez 

“I have to thank you. Most of this crew, all the leads, we’ve been living together for weeks. And then you arrive. You blended right in. It was as if you had also been here from the beginning. You were thoroughly prepared and slid into scenes and relationships perfectly. Yes. Thank you for making my job easier.” 

Philippe Falardeau, Director of Feature Film Chuck 

“Working with Rick Zahn on my film “Bibi” has been such a pleasurable experience as he is truly the consummate professional. When I cast Rick, he did not have much preparation time for the role, however he came to work each and every day with passion and delivered an incredible performance which I hope will be remembered for years to come.

I would highly recommend Rick for my upcoming projects because I know what I will be getting and that is an actor eager to come to work and delve right into the character.” 

Christopher Beatty, Writer, Producer, and Director of the Award-Winning Feature Film Bibi 

“Rick not only delivers on screen...he delivers on set, making your production environment something to look forward to. He’s a pleasure to work with.” 

Pete Chatmon, Producer, Writer, CEO of Double7Images, and Director of Feature Film Premium and Short Film Chameleon 

“Rick Zahn is a consummate professional with genuine talent and a rare sincerity in both performance and life. 

Peter Case; Producer, Director, and Actor in London and New York; Associate Artist at Wiltons Music Hall, London; Member of Great Jones Repertory Company, New York; Staff Member of La Mama Umbria Artists Residence, Italy; and Director of Shekinah 

I worked with Rick in a professional venue in New Yorks Fringe Festival. He was not only very talented, but set a high standard for work ethic and professionalism for his colleagues…a joy to direct. 

Jack Wann, PhD, Professor of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Professor Emeritus of the Northwestern State University, and Director of TRADITION! 

“Rick Zahn brings a wonderful mix of professionalism, careful study and an honest ease to his work. Hes not only a pleasure to direct, hes a pleasure just to have around.” 

– Mark Farrell, Producer and Director of Parco, P.I. 

“Amazing and focused. Never misses a beat.” 

– MIG, Director and Producer of the “Dark Faith Angel Music Video 

“Rick is an inventive, talented professional who is supremely prepared. He is terrific to work with and brings a deep commitment to every project he works on. Working with him was easy and an absolute pleasure!” 

– Mark Gasper, Producer, Filmmaker, and Director of a Smith Barney Industrial 


From Shekinah by Charles Case at La Mama Theatre (2009)

New York Theatre Wire: It is Dr. Richardson, believably and powerfully acted by Rick Zahn, who delivers the play’s intent. He is the fuel that drives Billie to new heights of her scamming powers. When they are onstage there is electricity that made me want to see the spirit they jointly conjured, each in their own way. Much of the play’s power comes from these imaginative encounters and straightforward conflict between illusion and belief. 

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From When It Stands Still by Ellen Margolis at the Gene Frankel Theatre (2008)

Off Off Online: “As Abraham, Kierkegaard’s father and Mr. Olsen, Rick Zahn proves himself a versatile character actor”. 

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From the European Premiere of the Award-Winning The Lightning Field, Performed in London (2007) 

Extra Extra On Line: 4 Stars 

the great sense of depth Rick Zahn brings to his multi-layered role enables his character, “Gerrit”, to ultimately embody the concept of toxic family values. 

Time Out London: 4 Stars 

“,,,the play won a clutch of awards in NY and you can see why a good bet 

Gaydar Nation: 4 Stars 

excellent casting…more than worthwhile 

The Stage

part of a highly charged debate on relationships, homosexual or otherwise 

WhatsOnStage: 5 Stars 

The Lightning Field is a powerful, striking piece of theatre 


a clear highlight is the outstanding chemistry and human performances from the cast 

BC Culture Magazine

a play that covers a lot of ideological territory without once threatening to become didactic or overtly “political”. The characters are entirely them selves, not cardboard examples of typeand Rick Zahn as “Gerrit” ensures that his character doesn’t slip into stereotype 

The London Metro: 4 Stars 

Rick Zahn as “Gerrit”is misogynistic, yet oddly endearing 

And My Favorite: 

The London Metro: 4 Stars 

Rick Zahn as “Gerrit”is misogynistic, yet oddly endearing 

From TRADITION!, Performed at the 2006 NY Fringe Festival

Nytheatre.com: “Rick Zahn does a particularly good job making sure his over-the-top character is realistically motivated.” (August 11, 2006)